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Basket Style Spare Tire-Mounted W/Removable 3-Flag Holder

Basket Style Spare Tire-Mounted W/Removable 3-Flag Holder

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 Basket Style Spare Tire-Mounted W/Removable 3-Flag Holder

  • Easy to install and remove.  No tools required/support arm simply screws into the holder
  • Does not require removing the spare tire and spare tire mount
  • No trailer hitch required
  • Basket size 36”L x 15”W x 8”H
  • Great for a small cooler, soft bags, etc.
  • Available for Jeep TJ, JK, JL, as well as New Broncos, FJ Toyota Cruisers, H3 Hummer and most other vehicles that have an exterior-mounted rear tire
  • Standard widths of the support arms are fabricated to fit specific tire widths (Buyer must specify tire size, rim width and type tread): 235*, 255, 265*, 285, 295*, 305*, 315, 35/37-12.5”, and 37”/14.5” (additional sizes will be available at additional cost) *SOR
  • All steel fabrication, all Mig welded joints
  • Racks do not interfere with rear-view mirror view, back-up cameras or rear-monitoring alarm systems
  • Powder coated in standard Black finish.  Also available in several near-matching colors at additional cost. SEE COLOR PRODUCT OPTION FOR PRICE
  • Flag poles are galvanized steel wrapped in Black heat shrink vinyl.  Also available in Red/White/Blue at additional cost

                             *************************************                            Basket Style Spare Tire-Mounted W/Removable 3-Flag Holder Package:   1 basket-style rack,  3-flag pole removable tubes, 1 set of rear connection arms, (Buyer must specify tire size and type tire:  A/T or Mud tread), 4  flat rubber washers, 2 pieces of heat shrink tubing, 2 rubber tarp straps, 3 rubber caps for pole tubes, and 3  48” long galvanized steel flag poles covered with Black vinyl heat shrink wrap and capped on one end.  **FLAGS NOT INCLUDED**

Retail price $380.00

*Free delivery to all contiguous 48 states

*Refer to SHOP drop-down menu for specific vehicle, color options, tire sizes and   purchasing

*Please contact us directly with any questions regarding this product or custom features

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